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Thriller Superfans

I want the story behind the I Am the Wolf Man chapter title songs, bonus content about the Wolf Man sequel The Proving Ground, plus breaking news, outtakes, and the opportunity to connect directly with Mr. Colston. I understand this newsletter is free, there are no strings attached, and I may opt out at any time.

James Hoak Superfans

Genre: Young Adult Sports Fiction

Subscribers to the James Hoak Superfan list will receive the exclusive short story, “Ice Cream in the Morning,” where sportswriter James Hoak finds himself at a crossroads. After his historic exploits at the Glory Bowl, he’s become a national celebrity—with a Hollywood movie deal in the works. The fame embarrasses him, and when a POP Culture magazine writer arrives for an in-depth interview, Hoak recognizes his future might take a drastic turn. Which way will it go?

Superfans also enjoy more bonus content such as the characters’ individual Good/Bad lists, interesting outtakes that didn’t make the final manuscripts, crazed Honor Tap disc jockey Berger Heinzoff’s official playlists, the complete lowdown on all 32 UFL (alternate reality NFL) teams, and more. To become a Superfan, click on the box below, "I WANT FREE ICE CREAM."

And to find out more about the James Hoak young adult/sports fiction series, click on the "James Hoak" tab at the top of this page.

Genre: psychological horror thriller
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