IN WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? And how strongly does your belief hold up under pressure?  Is it rock solid? Or is it ingrained with cracks and fissures that allow doubt to grow?

That is the theme explored in Mr. Colstons debut novel, I AM THE WOLF MAN.


In the sizzling summer of 2009, a killer terrorizes the people of Loudoun County, Virginia. Each morning following a full moon, police discover another body, and they’re always the same: Young women with chunks of their bodies missing—and plenty of dog hair at the scene. The media dubs the killer the “Werewolf of Loudoun,” and once a month when the full moon comes, the community shuts down as vigilantes roam the countryside in search of the madman.

The morning after July’s full moon,  a neighbor finds a young man named Luke naked and asleep—at the front door of the latest murder scene. After his arrest, Luke confesses to his lawyer, Thomas Kaze, that he's the killer. But there is just one catch, Luke says. He can’t be the Werewolf of Loudoun, because werewolves aren’t real. Luke says he is something else entirely. Something unique in the world. He claims:


I Am The Wolf Man.

Kaze, of course, doesn’t believe him. Not at first. But  after a series of conversations, Kaze starts to doubt himself. He’s not sure what he believes in anymore. To quash Luke’s delusions—and perhaps his own—Kaze cages Luke under the open sky on the night of a full moon—in front of a media circus he did not want. Luke’s charade should end right there.

Instead, the madness is only beginning, and it tests everything Thomas Kaze believes to be true.

Was the seed for Colston's novel planted during his childhood fandom for the classic Warren Magazine publication CREEPY?

© Copyright Chris Colston