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IN WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? And how strongly does your belief hold up under pressure?  Is it rock solid? Or is it ingrained with cracks and fissures that allow doubt to grow?

That is the theme explored in Mr. Colstons debut novel, I AM THE WOLF MAN.


A haggard young man in police custody claims he’s a supernatural serial killer. His struggling lawyer wants him to prove it.

It’s a sizzling summer in Loudoun County, Virginia, and a serial killer is terrorizing the town. Each night of the full moon, a young woman is brutally murdered, with chunks of her body missing—and plenty of dog hair at the scene.

When young Luke Grzanik confesses to the gruesome murders, lawyer Thomas Kaze has his doubts. During the next full moon, he puts Grzanik to the test—in an outdoor cage, with TV cameras rolling.

But Grzanik fails to transform—and the “real” killer strikes again.

With everybody in the area freaking out about the coming full moon, armed vigilantes—both black and white—roam the countryside, searching for the killer. But Grzanik is not finished with Kaze, who asks Grzanik to prove himself one last time.

The result is a fiery climax full of twists and turns—and tests everything Kaze believes to be true.

If you crave a fast-moving psychological horror-thriller with surprise endings, you'll love I Am the Wolf Man. To enter the world of Luke Grzanik and Thomas Kaze, simply hit the BUY NOW button at right.

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